"The Right Tool for the job"

  Some developers have stated that Scriptcase has relieved them of 70% of the code they would have to have written, if they had used another Application. Most of the databases connectivity capability is a huge factor on reducing the number of other software being purchased. That means less money being expensed.

Scriptcase is Made by NetMake of Brazil, launched in 2001 and version 5 was the first english version released. We are on the eve of version 7.0 being launched, expected around new years or January of 2013.
If you are a developer, you'll be impressed, I guarantee it.
Try IT OUT for FREE for a 20 day trial basis so you can see what I am referring to.   
What's nice and unique about ScriptCase is that It's truly a complete solution from start to finish and not just for beginner, but for seasoned coders and engineers even. It's not JUST an Editor or format color code notepad, It generated all the code needed on its own based on what you do on its WYSYWIG Interface.

Thank You for your time,

Luis Figueroa,
Developer/ Designer,
Digital Surety
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Rapid IDE

ScriptCase Web based, Rapid Application Development Environment, complete with Free course video tutorials capable of Enterprise level PHP, Javascript , NET, C++ development, supports MySql, MS SQL, Sybase, ProGreSql, 


Dolibarr ERP is one of Open Source most, complete, powerful and out of the box, most industry ready Solution which makes prospecting, proposal and contract delivery a smooth process and all manageable within its elegant environment. Adaptable to almost any industry and documented up through its latest version and gaining support momentum across the world.


December 2016