My Very First

This amazing sphere still seizes to amaze me. Where one would think this blog thing will be a breeze for a techie of 9 years to be baffled by a cms . This CMS and its adoring fans that earnestly, I amsure put a lot of effort into making these "plugins",  yet of all the ones I have downloaded and I have downloaded quite a few, NOT ONE has managed to do what they are supposed to do. And I am easy to blame myself most of the time.

In fact, I always look no further than 2 feet away for responsibility of the world around me and the results I always manage to create, but this time I am afraid it is not me. It has been three hours now, my fiancee is on her way home from the airport and I had aimed to have this up to show her the sleek design that I drew up and NOT ONE. I began simple at that, just a banner and a few blocks and pages would come later, after I finish what I began on my Scriptcase Development environment. The favorite color is light blue at Scriptcase, apparently. all table examples are in light blue, so. But since its time for me to clean the dining room and kitchen before my beloved comes home, I must resign with my tail between my legs, these plugins have tried all my patience today. Maybe on the morrow, yes on the morrow, I will begin again.

February 2016