Processes Begun

   So, if you're wondering who or what is Gartner and why do they have an entire section, well head on over to their site and you'll see for yourself. Their expertise is sought, their research is coveted and their opinions count in our neck of the woods.   
 I am going to keep this as a journal, similar to a blog and mantain communication on the steps I am taking in an effort to market our beloved Scriptcase software to all who will listen and purchase.
The first listing was appdirect com,  this site allows me to create a marketing profile of scriptcase complete with provided benefits, features and multiple pricing schemas provided before and from there published it on their Marketplace,  The control panel was developed well and deserving of very worthy praise.  An appealing and empowering versatile and intuitive interface, It left me wishing I had another title of software I could post. It really did.
My next stop in my journey was sell2ckick eu and this interface also took the designing of its interface/ control panel / dashboard to enviable desirable heights. It boasts a very smooth workflow process, unlike this notepad textarea I am typing in now, where I had to retrieve the cursor from three paragraphs back several times, but I am such a good writer you hardly even felt it. :) 
Our Third and only by sequential order does this site arrive there is none other than our father time of downloads, CNET com also known as upload or download com. Lessons learned are many, but I did not peek under the carpet to even see what technology in either of my stops are enjoying. Whether it was PHP, CFM, NET or ??? I just proceeded with my duty as marketer and posted the benefits, features and prices in these awsome control panels and dashboards. They all displayed great craftsmanship and developer finese that made me just sick with envy and thirsty for more, if that makes any sense to you. Kudos Developers extraordinaires, kudos to the path you're paving for us all. 
May 2016